Bits & pieces from everywhere, those are the ones that have captured my heart...

Sunrise from my current flat

Merry Christmas

look who I found in the garden

shades of pink & purple

look how pretty I am

crazy Tess:) Somerset

when sun embraces the ocean at the end of the day

a path to where? El Gouna

Red is unique, London

Meare Court house, Somerset

Meare Court view, Somerset

fun in the fridge, Cairo

Merry Christmas, Rockefeller NYC

Statue of Liberty, NYC

the little pretzel thief, NYC

view from the terrace, North Coast Egypt

new hopes as the sun rises, South Sinai

Elizabeth Tower, London

Steigenberger room view, El Gouna

Big Golden Buddha, KL

Petronas twin towers, KL

abandoned fishing rods, North Coast Egypt

Sheraton Miramar,  El Gouna

spring time, Cairo

hiding from the sun, Cairo

a little snowman, Salzburg

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