Tuesday, 22 January 2013


How is it that 3 weeks have passed but just feel like 3 days... I started this blog with every intention to publish a minimum of 3 recipes per month and hopefully even 4; yet it seems so difficult to sustain that promise. And here I am, 21 days after my New Year's post and just sharing my next one.

In my defense I have the perfect excuse, I am moving from my current flat to a new one. That decision was a spur of a moment, after new years' day and soon turned into solid steps. Apartments' scouting, checking one place after the other for that perfect match of an already finished home & ready to move in to without any make overs; yet having a budget limit to factor. Some places looked like a animals were inhabiting it while others were merely ordinary. However we managed to find that one place that has all I can ask for under one roof; all except for the snow {sniff}.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013



“The only constant in life is Change” ~ Heraclitus

As we embrace the new year; we write down new resolutions, we vow things would be different next yea; that we won't take that long dreamed of trip, change that job we dislike, re-paint the kitchen or even move to another country... we plan a new chapter in out lives and have every and are adamant to follow it. And in the midst of all this, we turn our heads to look for that food that makes us feel better about what we have just planned, that makes all this worthwhile.