Thursday, 21 February 2013

Leap of Faith

When an idea or thought starts circulating my mind, I become obsessed with it, I think day & night about it, even in my sleep I dream about it. I over-analyse, think and "kill" the idea in a vain attempt to reach a satisfying solution or answer I am comfortable with; but these are neither guaranteed nor always possible.
I consult friends, read books, google it and sleep on it for days, weeks or even months! I know that this is a human trait, that most people go through such a phase at some point of their lives, some choose their mind battles and only do this process for "big" decision, while some are less fortunate and do this as part of their daily routine. I fall in the later category. Every single decision I take goes through this process, of course not all consume the same amount of time. It's my character, what defines me, what makes me who I am or maybe just because I am an Aries:)

But sometimes all we need to do is take a leap of faith, follow our gut feeling; that inside undeniable strong emotion that drives us into directions we fear treading. So we jump and hope for the best.